Saturday, April 19, 2014

Legos - Part 1

We love them
Little pieces, bright colors
(just don't let them fall on the floor!)

We decided to embark on a lego building odyssey
over spring break. 

Star Wars being the theme. 
I was surprised by the response we received from folks. 
Everyone wanted to come and build.
I can do that.
(A Star Wars lego building party!)

We started with a Coast Guard ship. I know,  not 
Star Wars, we needed a warm up. :)

This was the weekend before spring break. 

Once my daughter returned
from college, the kids built the Millennium Falcon.

The kids had a blast. This was all in preparation for the following 
weekend and the Death Star, all 3803 pieces!! 
The party was just getting started..........

Come back and see the fun!

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