Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Season Opener

It's that time again!  Baseball Season!

And with that comes spring. 
So, so very welcome. This has been a wonderful, snowy winter 
(I do love the snow)

But, with snow forecast for Tuesday and it being
the middle of March, I am more than ready for the sun, 
new flowers, warmer temps and short sleeves!

My son has played since he was small and is now
in high school playing JV as well as playing on another
team. Double practices, double games.....but the joy on his
face is contagious and absolutely worth the price of admission.
(warning, picture heavy!)

Our coach!

Do you see what I mean, that smile!

With the return of warmer temperatures and
being outdoors, what is top on your list?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Trust and Faith

Interesting words to start a photography post with
wouldn't you say?  Yet they are so important, in everything we do.  

This shoot was such fun. Mom had shared that her youngest was 
a tough cookie to get to stand still and that her oldest would be a charm
to work with. She was right on both points, and I had a blast! 

She trusted that I would get it right 
and I had the faith in my ability to connect. 

So captivating! Motion and all.

The older one.

Can you say heartbreaker??

My ability to connect with both paid off!

I am so grateful for the trust my clients give me.
So grateful.

So, where do you find your faith and trust?